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Resonance Collective

I'm Loren. I'm an Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Rage Initiator. I am deeply passionate about helping individuals discover their highest potential, overcome obstacles, conquer self-doubt, and chart a path from uncertainty to self-assurance. 

Astrology has served as my North Star, illuminating my life’s purpose, guiding me to recognise the inherent freedom within my choices, and teaching me to deeply trust my inner knowing in times of uncertainty.

Connecting with my inner power of Sacred Rage has allowed me to untangle myself from the restrictions I have been taught to place on myself.


I believe my intuitive astrology and sacred rage expertise can be your catalyst for empowerment, unearth fresh perspectives on your identity and your life's journey, and help you establish values and boundaries that feel truest for you.


As a new born, I received the diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), and in the process of this diagnosis endured damaging of my vocal cords.

This set the stage for a life marked by confinement and medical routines. Hospitals and doctor appointments became a significant part of my early existence. As I grew, the photographs capturing those moments within hospital walls evoked a sense of disconnection, and with time, they became too painful to confront. Recently, however, I summoned the strength to revisit those snapshots of my past. In this retrospective journey, a newfound perspective emerged— the sense of restriction had been physically wound into my early years and I have continued to strangle and wrap myself in it for many preceding.

Through self-reflection, I have come to understand how the trauma of restriction has threaded itself deeply into my life and shaped my journey thus far.


Astrology has uncovered my true soul blueprint, which has given me permission to liberate myself from expectations and find clarity of what i’m working towards.


The power I have found through connecting with and embodying my own innate Sacred Rage, has dropped me deeper within myself, enabling me to break free from the chains of restriction and invest in myself as the Sovereign Woman I am.

Restriction to Freedom
is my why

These last two years I have grown so much and learnt more about my energetic needs, connection to life and coaxed myself into alignment.


The biggest lesson I have learnt is, I am more powerful than I had ever know or allowed myself to be! I have constantly taken the side-kick role in order to make myself more palatable to build friendships. I know now I am a main character and I am ready to claim it!


It’s okay not to be everyones cup of tea. It is not my job to be liked by everyone.

I am her for the people that love me in my fullest essence and I am her to love myself and put myself first. If that seems selfish, then you are not my people.

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