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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”


“Heaven Hath no blessing like a woman reborn

Invoke the permission to your Rage, your Fury!

Embody your fire to be transmuted into a powerfully

positive force to draw from and take conscious action.⁠

About Sacred Rage IMMERSION

Sacred Rage Immersion brings together a nurturing space where every aspect of you is embraced with open arms and hearts. This event, rooted in feminine energy, offers a transformative experience through visual guided meditation, speaking, and writing.


Our journey begins by grounding ourselves in our bodies through guided meditation accompanied by sound healing with crystal singing bowls. This sets the stage for a profound exploration of our personal rage. This introspective process is the key to unlocking and understanding the protective role of our rage.


In this sacred space, we uncover the deeper truths waiting to be acknowledged, felt, and processed.

The journey continues as we engage in physical movements, channeling our strength to empower and reveal the underlying reasons for our rage.


Our activities include the use of pillows, punching bags, boxes, pool noodles, and, where fitting, the beauty of the natural environment.

This physical expression is not just a release,

but a celebration of empowerment, allowing each individual the freedom to occupy space and experience the power of their sacred rage. 


Supporting each other in this empowering release fosters an intimate and encouraging container where women embrace and transform their rage into a source of strength

Why IS Rage Sacred

Sacred Rage is not just an event; it's an immersive journey into self-discovery, freedom, and sovereignty. Just like any other emotion ,it has a purpose but because we have been taught to see anger as crazy, hysterical or dangerous, we have suppressed our connection to the clarifying power beneath it. My rage is a flag to let me know my values are being pushed, that I care about what’s happening and what I stand for.

 Connecting with your Sacred Rage will empower you by allowing you to embody and sit with your rage. Together we uncover what the root cause of your rage is masking.

Anger is an emotion we all need to be able to access, so let's harness it in a conscious way to ignite you into action.

This is for you if you want to move from ;

  • Restriction to Freedom

  • Self-doubt to self-assurance

  • Victim mentality to self-agency

  • Lack mindset to universal abundance

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